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About us

Thank you for your interest in MovieGlobe.com!
Welcome to MovieGlobe.com. We offer celebrity pictures, celebrity biographies, and more about your favorite Hollywood celebrities and movies. All movies, celebrities, actors, actresses, models, supermodels, musicians, athletes on one entertainment site. We have biographies and pictures of your favorite celebrities and hollywood stars. We are adding new features and info on daily basis including news and articles about your favorite entertainment topics. We are working with the best channels in the entertainment industry and we strive to bring you a variety of interesting information, gossip, and news from around the world, especially from Hollywood. We have provided reviews and biographies of actors, actresses, models, athletes, musicians, movies, DVDs, video games and TV shows, throughout our site which can be navigated via our directory.

We hold listings for all of the top movies, and celebrities right here in our directory. You can select the movies or television section for new and classic movies and TV shows with reviews and posters. We list video games with complete reviews to make your gaming experience more exiting, and even music reviews on your favorite music artists. We also have a celebrity section where you can learn more about your favorite celebrities by reading their biography which includes celebrity pictures. There is even a section with popular DVD releases which can be helpful when renting or buying movies. All of our information is sure to help you find information on your favorite movies, and celebrities to enjoy over and over again.

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