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Top Movie: Get Smart(PG-13)
Get Smart, Reivew Get Smart
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Rating: B
Hollywood Box Office
1. Get Smart 6 Mil
2. Kung Fu Panda 4.1 Mil
3. The Incredible Hulk 3.1 Mil
4. The Love Guru 2.2 Mil
5. The Happening 1.5 Mil
6. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom... 1.45 Mil
7. You Don't Mess with the Zohan 720 k
8. Sex and the City 651 k
9. Iron Man 437 k
10. The Strangers 246 k

Most popular movie, celebrity, and entertainment searches
01. Iron Man
02. Kung Fu Panda
03. The Chornicles of Naria: Prince Caspian
04. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal...
05. The Strangers
06. The Incredible Hulk
07. The Happening
08. Sex and the City
09. What Happens in Vegas
10. You Don't Mess with the Zohan
01. Gossip Girl
02. One Tree Hill
03. The OC
04. House
05. American Idol
06. Prison Break
07. Biggest Loser
08. Grey's Anatomy
09. Family Guy
10. 2 1/2 Men
01. Be Kind Rewind
02. SNL: 3rd Season
03. Cloverfield..
04. Charlie Wilson
05. One Missed Cal
06. Name of the King
07. April Fools Day
08. Conspiracy
09. Starting..Evening
10. AVPR
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01. Wii Fit
02. Age of Conan
03. Rainbow 6 Vegas 2
04. Mario Kart
05. Guitar Hero 3
06. Army of Two
07. Fallout 3
08. Gran Turismo 5
09. Call of Duty 4
10. Rock Band
01. Leonardo DiCaprio
02. Brad Pitt
03. Angelina Jolie
04. Tom Cruise
05. Will Smith
06. Elisha Cuthbert
07. Ryan Phillippe
08. Ben Affleck
09. Tom Hanks
10. Jessica Alba
01. Britney Spears
02. Ashlee Simpson
03. Eminem
04. Jay-Z
05. Beyonce
06. Pussycat Dolls
07. Christina Aguilera
08. Fergie
09. Avril Lavigne
10. Tenacious D
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